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Many people struggle each day to overcome the challenges associated with mental illness and intellectual disabilities. People here at home have been relying on MHMR of Tarrant County for over forty years to help them live more fulfilling and productive lives, but the care provided by MHMR could never be done without the additional funding provided by you and others in our community. This past year, your support:

Gave Joe a new Community Center where he and other friends can go to enjoy camaraderie and peer support. He is in charge of the snack bar and proud that everyone depends on him to keep the coffee fresh and healthy snacks and lunches at the ready. He is leaning how to manage his mental illness and get on with his life.
Offered Fredrick, a Vietnam vet, a chance to get clean and sober. He is putting his life back together at Liberty House transitional living center, is enrolled at Tarrant County College, and looks toward the day when he will move to his own place.
Presented Roxanne an opportunity to learn new job skills and earn a wage so that she can be a bit more self-sufficient. She rides a van from her group home to her job at ABG Fulfillment. Today she feels a sense of accomplishment knowing that her work is necessary and valued by others.
Enabled Max to get off of drugs and reinter high school after intensive treatment at Tarrant Youth Recovery Campus. He has stayed out of trouble and is looking forward to graduation in the spring.
Provided hope to Becky, whose baby girl was born ten weeks early. Thanks to an Early Childhood Interventionist who came to her home weekly, mom and baby are doing well and mom has learned how to exercise her baby so that someday soon she will be able to run and play like all the other children.

MHMR of Tarrant County (MHMRTC) has been a provider of quality mental health and mental retardation services in Tarrant County since its inception in 1969.  Originally a small center offering only mental health services, MHMRTC has expanded to become the second largest center in the state of Texas offering mental health services, intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) services, addiction services, early childhood intervention services, support to the criminal justice system, services to the homeless and, most recently, expanded services to veterans.  All of these services are provided in conjunction with our community partners in the public and private sector.

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